Billesdon Parish Council

Serving the people of Billesdon

The Church

Clerk: Karen Giddens
7 The Mount, Scraptoft
Leicester LE7 9TG

Here are some recently asked questions

Will our Council Tax change? Why is nothing simple? Unfortunately the answer is - it isn't. Your Council Tax is made up of 4 elements - Leicestershire County, Harborough District, Leicestershire Police and the Parish (i.e. us). The first three elements are the same across the County, that is, every household pays the same amount in each Council Tax Band. Those three authorities control how much that is.

The Parish bit is called the Precept and that is controlled by Billesdon Parish Council. The Council sets the Precept each year. Annual increases are kept to a minimum, consistent with paying the present and anticipated costs of providing a range of services to the community. The Minutes of the Parish Council record how decisions of the funding of individual services are made.

Our Street Light is still out The lights on the main roads are the responsibility of Leicestershire Highways and we continue to report to them all lighting problems that we are notified about. The street lights within the village are the responsibility of the Parish Council, but there is a maintenance contract with Leicestershire Highways. In both cases light repairs are carried out on a four week schedule.

What can be done about our Community Post Office closing? National policy on Post Offices is to withdraw previously available subsidies and relocate uneconomic Post Offices within a thriving commercial business (e.g. shop, garage, pub). Our Community Post Office has been allowed more time to come up with such a plan. In the meantime the community is encouraged to carry on using our Community Post Office, so as to maintain its economic viability.