Billesdon Wildlife Group

The Billesdon Wildlife Group (BWG) developed around 2000 with the principal aim of creating a wildlife reserve in the Parish. To this end, Billesdon Parish Council rented land from Leicester County Council on Gaulby Road and passed responsibility for managing the site to the BWG. The land had been a prisoner of war camp during World War II, but had been used mainly as a village football pitch and informal recreation area since then.

Working with the adjacent Leicester Highways Depot, the BWG created a Woodland Pool on the old football pitch, doubling its use as a wildlife asset with a means of filtering effluent from the Depot. The Woodland Pool was opened as a nature reserve in 2003 and over subsequent years the BWG planted many trees and shrubs on the site, constructed footpaths and boundary hedges and gates, provided seating for visitors, set up bird and owl boxes, and developed the remnant acid neutral grassland of the site.

In 2012, the BWG merged with the Sustainable Billesdon Group (SBG), which took over management of the site. With the demise of the SBG in 2017, responsibility for managing the site passed back to the reconstituted BWG. The BWG has also took over the management of the Community Orchard from the SBG.

In late 2019 the BWG was wound up and responsibility for managing the site and the orchard passed to Billesdon Parish Council. A nominated Parish Councillor now leads the management activities.

Enquiries about the woodland pool and community orchard should be addressed to the Parish Clerk.

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