Who we are & what we do

Billesdon Parish Council comprises 6 elected or co-opted councillors who serve for a four-year term. All Councillors are volunteers and receive no payment.

Council Meetings are open to the public and held approximately every 6 weeks, normally at 8.00pm on Monday evenings. The usual venue is the Chapel Room, or occasionally the Old School. See the diary for up-to-date details.

The Parish Council was responsible for the creation and ultimate approval of the Billesdon Neighbourhood Development Plan. This is designed to govern development of the village for the future, mainly but not uniquely in terms of new housing numbers, location and design.

The Council also operates the village cemetery on Uppingham Road. Plots in the cemetery are broadly reserved for Billesdon residents only.

For further information relating to the Council, in the first instance, please contact the Parish Clerk.


All Parish Councillors are elected or co-opted. Elections for Council are held every four years.

Anyone interested in standing to become a councillor, or wanting to find out more about the work of the Council should please click here.

Council Committees/Groups

Council's committee(s) and group(s) have specific tasks and may have delegated powers.

Standing Orders

Code of Conduct

Council Staff

Stephen Butt

Stephen Butt

Parish Clerk

Stephen Butt
21 Rookery Close
Kibworth Beauchamp
07825 779725
07825 779725

The Parish Council currently employs no other staff.